Aug 23 - Sep 3
  • start: 23th Aug 11:55AM UTC
  • end: 3th Sept 11:55AM UTC
  • prize pool: 20% of primary NFT sales on Algogems (2000ALGO guaranteed)
  • ranking criteria: leaderboard score

We’ve got a new tournament starting on Wednesday 23 August and ending on Sunday 3 September. The prize pool will come from primary NFT sales on Algogems during this period. Algogems have an amazing incentive program at the moment that offers up to 25% discount on NFTs from primary sellers. Read more about incentive.

We have launched (Aug 23 @ 10:45AM UTC) a limited NFT shuffle so you can easily purchase 5 NFTs from us and unlock a 25% rebate from Gems that will give you a massive discount on our higher-rarity NFTs that we've listed individually. NFTs give you a boost in the game so give yourself an edge in the tournament to climb the leaderboard. 20% of all primary sales on Gems will go into the prize pool and everyone on the leaderboard will share in the rewards. No registration is required.

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