Oct 23 - 30
  • start: 23rd October 09:00AM UTC
  • end: 30th October 09:00AM UTC
  • prize pool: 5000 ALGOs
  • ranking criteria: leaderboard score

How will the tournament work?

The tournament is open to anyone with an Algorand wallet and device that can run our beta game. The tournament will run over 7 days from 9 AM on the 23rd of October until 9 AM on the 30th of October. The tournament is unstructured so battle as much as you like to earn points on the leaderboard. For every win you will earn points and for every loss you will lose points. The number of points won or lost will depend on the rank of your opponent. For example, if you beat someone with a higher rank then the points won will be greater than if you beat someone with a lower rank.

You can access the beta game here: All you need is an internet connection and smart iOS or Android device or a PC.

If you need help constructing or fine-tuning your deck then check out our new card comparison tool:

What are the prizes?

When the tournament ends, the top 10 on the leaderboard will share in 3000 ALGOs. The next 30 places on the leaderboard will share in the remaining 2000 ALGOs. The higher you climb on the leaderboard the greater your chances of earning a bag of loot. During the tournament, you can view the live leaderboard here: The leaderboard will show the prize amount for each place.

We will also have two bonus prizes. The first player to reach 1300 points will receive a 50 ALGO bonus and the first player to reach 1400 points will receive a 100 ALGO bonus. To claim this prize you’ll need to post a screenshot of the leaderboard with the score and your wallet to our Discord server: .

All prizes are paid half in ALGO and half in COSG. If you aren't opted in to the COSG at the time of distribution, you forfeit all rewards.

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